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5 essays

1- I search essay,

; discribe steps of your search, “50 shades of gay”-

fact 3 aspects she asserts

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create boxes (3 at least) that you think is too narrow – explain

read about recent supreme court decision for Hobby Lobby

company – explain the dessenting opinion. What do you think?



2- watch frontline “the persuaders” PBS

write a response use personal experiences as examples ;

how does the program connect to Tannen’s argument/persuasion against the argument culture? to gender?

find synonyms and antonyms for tangible add to work cited list ;

find 3 metaphors in film and explain them ;

put frontline on the work cited ;



3- Tootsie ;

write 2-3 pgs essay connecting the film to some of the video clips and to the topc of gender

how are men portrayed? women?

what stereotipes do you noticed?

what emotions do the caractors express?

does the end change the message of the film?

;video clips: guys explain: best parts about being a girl

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; the flip side bar ;

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;what women really want

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; the manslater (women language translation)

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; childhood gender roles in adult life


4- google “tootsie film analyses” ;

;read Roger E Bert’s reviel of the film (1982) what’s his thesis?

;Deborah Holdstain Jmpstart (1983) what’s her thesis?

;Heroins of cinema – Tootsie and feminism in Hollywood (2013) Thesis?

;write: What do you learn about the film about by these analysis?

Be specific. use quotes from reading or example, 2-3 pgs or as long as necessary to fully explain your writing.


5- “Real Women Have Curves” ;

;response, make sure you discuss the role of gender.

;is it more about generation or gender? explain ;


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