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4 Case Study Questions: MGSC6204 Managing Information Resources

Week 2 Case Study Questions.docx

case study_pepsi_innovation_through_data_management_case.pdf

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Week 2: Case Study Questions


This set of questions is associated with the PepsiAmericas Case Study for Week

Bottom of Form

Question 1

  1. Note: Vocabulary help to be found at the end of the exercise.
  2. 1. During the first decade of the 21st Century, PepsiAmericas’ world changed markedly. What has changed and how did these changes impact the organization’s established modes of operations and its information management needs?

    Change Factors:

    Implications for PepsiAmericas:

    e.g. changes in consumer taste

    • more health conscious
    • less interested in high-sugar and caffeine products in the U.S. market
    • more interest in “healthy” food and beverage products in the U.S.
    • greater interest in Pepsi’s older product lines in Europe but mixed with more local taste preferences

    add more lines as needed…

    Question 2

    1. 2. To meet the challenges that you have cited above in Question #1, PepsiAmericas harnessed its operational data to better manage its transactional capabilities, process improvement and control, tactical interactions with suppliers and customers, and the strategic expansion (a.k.a. competitive advantages) of the firm. Identify the various ways PepsiAmericas employed its information resources to more effectively integrate its operations, management, and competitive decision making to prosper in this new world of business. For each instance, explain how the organization benefited from these investments in information integration.
    2. IM/IT Initiatives:

      Benefits to PepsiAmericas Operations:

      e.g. employed decision support systems to bring together and analyze weekly, monthly, and seasonal consumption of beverages by local/regional/national customer

      • enable delivery personnel to better anticipate customer needs
      • reduced delivery time and associated costs
      • ensured most appropriate mix of products on customer shelves
      • more responsive to changes in customer needs
      • improved sales of PepsiAmericas products

      add more lines as needed…

      Question 3

      1. 3. Why was the use of a decision support system so critical to PepsiAmericas’ success in implementing a new approach to the servicing of customers like Walmart and CVS Drug stores?  (outline response)
        • e.g. (where does the data need to come from?)
        • e.g. (is a longitudinal view of the data required?)
        • e.g. (how does the data need to be manipulated as part of analysis?)

        Question 4

        1. 4. Assess PepsiAmericas efforts at enterprise integration. What worked well in your opinion and what could have been done differently or in addition to improve the outcomes.

        Positive Steps by PepsiAmericas

        Areas of Opportunity/Improvement

        e.g. the investment in a standardized supply chain management system across PepsiAmericas operations.

        e.g. the harnessing of the tacit knowledge of the local delivery person who historically managed the relationship between a particular PepsiAmericas bottling plant/distribution center and its local customers.

        add more lines as needed…

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